Let It Slide

Let It Slide Lyrics

Song Let It Slide
Artist Keane
Album Under The Iron Sea
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[00:22.56] The same, always the same
[00:29.42] Bitter words are all that remain
[00:35.83] Of the dream that had taken you in
[00:44.18] All her words were dust in the wind
[02:33.90][01:42.79][00:51.10] It's time to draw the line, To draw the fire
[02:58.58][02:43.89][01:52.80][01:00.95] Why'd you never know, it's time to let go
[01:04.19] It's time to to move aside
[03:06.46][02:55.50][02:51.82][02:00.24][01:08.73] To let it slide
[01:13.47] Say
[01:16.35] What's that you say?
[01:21.07] Time to move on
[01:23.75] And you're in the way
[01:27.55] Let's get to the end
[01:31.04] And not turn around
[01:35.67] She built you up so
[01:38.45] She could knock you down
[03:01.81][02:47.07][01:55.78] It's time to move aside
[02:05.34] Friend, there's nothing there
[02:12.40] Your clinging onto it
[02:19.68] You need to turn back
[02:27.04] To something that you never had
Let It Slide Lyrics
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