Cherub Rock

Cherub Rock Lyrics

Song Cherub Rock
Artist The Smashing Pumpkins
Album Cherub Rock
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[00:56] Freak out
[00:59] And give in
[01:02] Doesn't matter what you believe in
[01:07] Stay cool
[01:11] And be somebody's fool this year
[01:16] 'cause they know
[01:18] Who is righteous, What is bold
[01:22] So I'm told
[03:53][02:20][01:25] Who wants honey
[03:58][02:25][01:30] As long as there's some money
[04:04][02:31][01:36] Who wants that honey?
[01:52] Hipsters unite
[01:57] Come align for the big fight to rock for you
[02:03] But beware
[02:05] All those angels with there wings glued on
[02:11] 'cause deep down
[02:14] We are frightened and we're scared
[02:17] If you don't stare
[04:27][04:21][04:16][04:11][02:55][02:49][02:44][02:38] Let me out
[03:32] Tell me all of your secrets
[03:37] Cannot help but believe this is true
[03:42] Tell me all of your secrets
[03:47] I know, I know, I know,
[03:49] Should have listened when I was told
Cherub Rock Lyrics
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