Wacky Dust
[00:00.78] Wacky Dust - Ella Fitzgerald
[01:06.17] They call it wacky dust
[01:09.36] It's from a hot cornet
[01:12.67] It gives your feet a feeling so breezy
[01:15.36] And oh, it's so easy to get
[01:19.10] They call it wacky dust
[01:22.41] It brings a dancing jag
[01:25.79] And once it starts, then only a
[01:27.92] Sap'll refuse to Big Apple or Shag
[01:32.13] Oh I don't know just why it gets you so high
[01:36.82] Putting a buzz in you heart
[01:39.51] You'll do a marathon you'll wanna go on
[01:42.97] Kickin' the ceilin' apart
[01:45.52] They call it wacky dust
[01:48.16] It's something you can't trust
[01:51.29] And in the end the rhythm will stop
[01:53.87] When it does, then you'll drop
[01:55.43] From happy wacky dust
Wacky Dust Lyrics
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