Daisy Lane

Daisy Lane Lyrics

Song Daisy Lane
Artist Stereophonics
Album Pull The Pin
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[00:29.560] Outside it's summer' indoors it's cool
[00:35.410] It's just after 3PM' I see kids leaving school
[00:41.470] Policemen are walking' walking in lines
[00:47.460] Tight side by side
[00:49.880] A young boys died
[01:17.650] 15 years old' slow walking alone
[01:23.450] They stole his phone' he never got home
[01:29.500] Three boys in hoods
[01:32.120] A warm summers day
[01:35.370] Stuck him and killed him and then ran away
[02:17.560] Now there's red spray paint splashed on the wall
[02:23.990] RIP baby' we love you from all
[02:29.610] Just that one moment' ended their days
[02:35.790] Outside my house on Daisy Lane
Daisy Lane Lyrics
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