Into The Light - Demo

Into The Light - Demo Lyrics

Song Into The Light - Demo
Artist Keane
Album Hopes and Fears
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[00:16.42] Lonely, why so lonely?
[00:23.13] Why are you hiding all the time?
[00:31.27] Don't you realize time is passing?
[00:39.20] Down through the river and into the tide to be washed aside
[02:08.60][01:04.77] Tired now, why so tired now?
[02:15.04][01:11.15] Have you forgotten how we used to play?
[02:23.06][01:19.23] Can't you lie here just a little longer?
[02:31.04][01:27.20] Let's stay together and not fade away into the night
[03:06.12][02:58.15][02:50.17][02:42.55][02:02.47][01:54.44][01:46.46][01:38.58] Come out into the light
Into The Light - Demo Lyrics
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