Rosemary (Remastered LP Version)

Rosemary (Remastered LP Version) Lyrics

Song Rosemary (Remastered LP Version)
Artist Grateful Dead
Album Aoxomoxoa [Expanded]
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[00:00.90] Boots were of leather, a breath of cologne
[00:09.93] The mirror was a window she sat by alone
[00:21.00] All around the garden grew scarlet and purple and crimson and blue
[00:40.80] She came dead and she went, and at last went away
[00:50.00] The garden was sealed when the flowers decayed
[01:01.00] On the wall of the garden a legend did say
[01:10.86] No one may come here since no one may stay
Rosemary (Remastered LP Version) Lyrics
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